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HSS Double End Twist Drill Cobalt

Product Name:HSS Double End Twist Drill Cobalt

Material:High Speed Steel M35 5%Cobalt

Standard:Double End

Size:Diameter 2-10mm,Length 38mm - 89mm

Surface Treatment:Titanium Coated

Fully Ground,135° Spilt Point,Double Edge

  • √Made of High Quality Premium HSS material, Cobalt High Speed Steel to ensure the Double End drill Bits Strong and double life-time compared with other drill bits

  • √Designed For Drilling Steel, Metal Sheet, Aluminum, cast iron with 2 cutting Points can drill more life time

  • √Hardened and tempered Cobalt M35 high-speed steel double-end bits can be reversed if one side is worn

  • 135-degree split point for fast penetration and accurate starting with no center punch